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Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
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Topic: For multi-layer wound hoist, the problem of wire rope squeeze and disorder is always the key to the reliable operation of the equipment, and the application of double folding groove (lebus) drum perfect solution to this problem. the following is a brief introduction to the design and application of the lebus drum in the hoist of the Shuibuya Water Conservancy Project.Shuibuya gate maximum lift up to 159M, gravity 3200kN, are high-lift, high-capacity hoist, the success of this project examples for the future use of similar projects in other hydropower stations, provides a reference experience.


1. The composition of the hoist:

The machine is a multi-layer winding fixed hoist winch, the whole machine consists of two sets of symmetrical arrangement of lifting mechanism, fixed frame, electrical control 3 parts. The lifting mechanism consists of wire rope, drum device, moving pulley group, fixed pulley group, balance pulley and overload protection device, stroke limit device, closed reducer, motor and so on, and In the reducer of the high-speed shaft at both ends were set up working brake and safety brake. The two sets of lifting pulleys are connected with the suspension shaft of the gate by means of a balance beam. In the two sets of hoisting mechanism in a set of moving pulley group and another set of pulley group in the height difference of the maximum (caused by the drum diameter processing error) ,The balance beam will occur less than 4 ° tilt, but the gate and the balance beam associated with the lifting point for the single hanging point, the gate will always remain vertical.


2. The main parameters of the hoist:

Rated lifting force 3200kN

Total lifting height / above dam face 159 / 13.85m

Lifting speed 2.64m / min

The drum diameter 1650mm

Wire rope diameter 36mm

Number of strands 3


3. Hoist design

⑴lebus groove drum

Lebus groove is in the form of a double-fold wire rope groove and a single-fold wire rope groove, the hoist drum structure adopts double fold groove drum. The drum bottom diameter is 1650mm, two diagonal rope groove corresponding to the circular angle is 52 degrees, two straight grooves corresponding to the circular angle is 128 degrees, a rope groove section and a straight groove phase symmetrical arrangement. The experiment proved that the hoist in actual debugging process, the wire rope from the diameter of groove into the diagonal groove smooth section, diagonal lines of wire rope are arranged neatly, no squeezing phenomenon. The double folded grooves evenly distribute the load of the steel wire rope between the layers, and the winding is smooth, and the damage of the wire rope is reduced.


⑵step baffle ring

The role of the baffle ring is to make the wire rope from the lower smooth transition to the upper layer, And make the wire rope return smoothly, have the function of lifting and returning rope. For the double line groove drum, The step baffle ring consists of 3 sections, first segments and first inclined drum rope groove section, the axial width by a rope groove width gradually to half the width of the grooves, the radial thickness gradually increased from 0 for a wire rope height, its role when the wire rope is wound to the point, it will raise the first retaining ring layer of wire rope and reel height; second straight rope slot corresponding to the width is half a rope groove width, the thickness of a layer is a thick width of the torus, its role is to enable the wire rope is lifted fall in the groove composed of a layer of wire rope retaining ring segment and adjacent segment in third; and drum second helical rope groove section corresponding to the width of the half rope groove width gradually becomes 0, the thickness of a steel wire rope is high, its role is to enable the return wire rope. The rope in the back rope retaining ring pad The utility model is connected with the lower layer steel wire rope under the horizontal pulling force of the steel wire rope and the joint action, and then passes through the half groove to the straight line groove formed by the adjacent next layer steel wire rope, so as to complete the transition between the wire rope layer and the layer.


⑶Lifting mechanism of two sets of twofold-gang lebus groove drum

Two sets of double reel to a certain extent, the average share of the total capacity of the hoist, wire rope diameter is relatively small, and through calculations suggest fleet angle can be controlled at 1.5° in the drum ends, this is the key point of the design of multi-layer winding winch. And two drums were driven by the respective motor, the advantage is when a motor failure, another work alone can still open the gate (but the speed by half), improve the reliability of the gate accident work. But the two sets of lifting mechanism of the drive motor speed will have a different problem, the solution is to a wire rope through the balance pulleys were wound around the two reels (the two reels were driven by the respective motor). When the motor speed is different, the rope through the balance pulley automatically adjust the length of both sides (balance pulleys on both sides of the wire rope were wound on different motor-driven reel), when a hoisting mechanism on the coaxial axis of the two drum diameter At the same time, the lifting points of the two hoisting mechanisms will always be consistent in height, from the design to solve the motor speed difference on the lifting point height.


⑷ control of the rope lead fleet angle

In the multi-layer winding hoist winch design, the angle of the cross-section of the drum relative to wire rope is called "wire rope fleet angle ". It is in the process of wire rope into the reel is changing, At the ends of the reel, the wire rope from the low-level transition to the high-level transition angle, known as the " return rope angle ",It Is the main control parameter in the multi-layer winding design, the purpose of controlling the wire rope fleet angle is to hope that the wire rope is arranged neatly in return, each turn, the wire rope advances a pitch along the drum axis, the rope does not squeeze, do not switch, the wire rope is neatly arranged on the drum. The design through a reasonable arrangement to control the wire rope at both ends of the drum fleet angle less than 1.5 °, to meet the requirements of the lebus groove fleet angle.

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