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Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
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As a kind of flexible transmission component, wire rope is widely used in hoisting machinery, winch on the use of wire rope, requires high strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance, breaking and fatigue resistance, In the project often occurs wire rope damage and breaking and so on, major and serious accidents which caused frequent. How to avoid damage to wire rope? Shijiazhuang Jun Zhong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. based on the actual operation of the experience, to do a brief introduction for everyone.


Wire rope damage methods and solutions:


Damage method 1: fatigue damage

The principle of fatigue damage is under the action of the stress of the steel wire surface due to a variety of slip to form the initial crack, the crack tip under the action of shear stress repeated plastic deformation and expansion until the fracture. for example, the rope repeatedly turns around the pulley, the winch drum, subjected to repeated bending and squeezing, causing the rope to produce fatigue, toughness, eventually leading to the break.

Solution: First, the conditions permitting as much as possible to increase the diameter of the drum and pulley; Second, the rope is arranged on the pulley in a reasonable manner, try to avoid repeated bending of the wire rope, experiments show that the reverse bending of the damage is about twice the same direction of bending; Third , determine the rotation of the wire rope, when the use of right-handed wire rope, the direction of the drum groove from left to right, the wire rope from the top of the drum to be removed, when the drum groove from the right to left, the wire rope to be removed from the bottom of the drum; when the use of left-handed wire rope, the rope direction is just the opposite. Fourth, as much as possible to choose a good structure of the rope, for example, compaction strand wire rope.


Damage method 2: bitten rope damage

Wire rope bite rope damage phenomenon generally occurs in the multi-layer winding drum, especially the spiral rope groove reel, the greater the internal angle, the more serious the phenomenon of bite rope. there are two reasons for the emergence of the spiral rope groove, one is the first layer to the second layer of the transition point squeeze bite rope; the other is the second layer of each circle in the winding process across the bite rope.

Solution: Multi-layer winding drum is difficult to completely eliminate the phenomenon of bite rope, but can take some measures to reduce the adverse effects caused by bite rope. At present the international effective method is to use lebus folding groove drum and reasonable setting of transition pads. and accurately select the direction of the axial displacement of the wire rope during the winding process, the rotation direction of the first rope starting groove affect whether the second layer of wire rope bite rope.

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