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Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
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The main winch mechanism of rotary drilling rig wire rope life is short and frequent change rope directly affect the construction efficiency of rotary drilling rig, the wire rope in the rotary drilling rig is used as consumable product, Using high-strength, large diameter wire rope, the price is more expensive, maintenance and replacement costs are relatively high, the price is expensive, maintenance and replacement costs are relatively high. How to reduce the damage of wire rope and improve the service life of wire rope is an urgent problem to be solved.


Resolvent: The lebus groove drum is used to replace the common spiral groove drum, and in the end of the drum specially designed for the layer of the composite guide.


1. The mechanism of lebus groove arrangement is beneficial to reduce the friction between wire rope. compared with the commonly used spiral grooved drum, the second row rope arrangement mechanism of the lebus groove is very different, when the wire rope is arranged on the drum with lebus grooves, the second layers of steel wire ropes are wound outside fold line cross section of the first layer, the other positions are wound along the first straight line groove, as long as the start segment of the first circle of the second layer is arranged ordely,the second layers of wire rope can be arranged neatly,In the process of rope winding, the friction between the two layers of steel wire rope only occurs at the intersection of the fold line,the friction and wear are reduced compared with that of the spiral groove drum.


2. The end of the drum is specially designed to change the layer to guide the compound convex platform can eliminate the rope scraping. Composite lug boss has two functions,One is to guide the rope to climb the second layer smoothly; Second is timely oriented and push the wire rope quickly to the first layer of straight drum groove, elimination wire rope, elimination laminate and scraping of the wire rope, the friction of the wire rope in the line cross section is greatly reduced, the friction of straight line segments is even smaller.


3. make the rope groove shallow to reduce the wire rope edge scraping. The lebus groove makes the rope groove shallow, and the edges between the grooves and the grooves are smoothed, Therefore, the friction between the wire rope and the drum groove is reduced when the rope is wound, It will not break the wire rope when the edge of the steel wire rope and the drum groove is scraped.

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