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Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
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Fault judgment and troubleshooting

1. The winch does not lay down the weight or is not smooth
The oil path may be betting; such as the blockage of the oil road, the friction disc will not be removed, such as the blockage of the brake valve, the brake valve can not be opened and the hydraulic motor is not reversed. At this time, it is possible to check the blockage of the pipe to the liquid cylinder and the brake valve, and check the brake if it is not blocked by the oil road.


2. The winch is skidding when the control valve is in the air
(1) overloading work (2) abnormal wear of friction disc (3) insufficient spring elasticity (4) failure of one-way clutch. If it is not overloaded, replace damaged friction plates, springs or clutches.


3. Leakage of hydraulic oil from the vent hole
(1) the brake piston O seal ring is damaged, can be removed the brake hydraulic cylinder outside the tube, to the hydraulic cylinder pressure 7Mpa, keep 5 minutes, the pressure does not decrease obviously, that is, the O circle is intact, otherwise the brake cylinder is further checked (2) the hydraulic motor shaft seal damage, can be dismantled under the motor pressure inspection, for example oil seal damage can be replaced.


4. Pressure instability of 4 brake
Seal ring damage of hydraulic motor


5. Damage of seal ring of hydraulic motor
(1) in the system, the back pressure is too high, the larger diameter pipeline can be replaced (2) the hydraulic oil is not clean, and the oil tank is replaced with new oil.


6. The hoisting capacity of the winch is not up to the rated requirement
(1) the drawworks are not installed properly, and can be leveled with gaskets. (2) the pressure of the system is insufficient (3) the temperature of the hydraulic oil is too high, and it should not exceed 82.2 degrees. (4) the pulley of the wire rope is not enough, the transmission efficiency is low or the card is dead.


7. Heat of the winch in rotation
(1) ensure the plane of the winch is smooth and smooth (2) to ensure that the oil temperature of the hydraulic system does not exceed 82.2 degrees (3) to check the damage or excessive wear of the internal parts (4) the side plate inclining caused by the pull rod bending, and the gear meshing of the deceleration mechanism is not normal.


8. The vibration of winches will occur when the load is increased within the rated range.
(1) in the hydraulic system, the pressure relief valve may damage (2) the leakage in the liquid pump is serious (3) the speed of the hydraulic oil flow into the hydraulic motor is too slow (especially when the oil viscosity is large in winter), and the oil temperature is not less than 20 degrees in normal work.


9. Disorderly rope phenomenon or irregular arrangement
(1) the pulley installation is too tight (2) the vertical axis of the winch drum axis is not vertical, the general depression angle is not greater than 1.5 degrees (3) the winch overload.


10. The breakage of the winch base
(1) the installation floor is uneven (2) the size of the installation floor is smaller than that of the winch base (3).


11, the winch only has no positive rotation or only positive rotation without reversing.
(1) when the one-way clutch is reversed (reverse), the sequence valve oil path can not be blocked, and the sequential valve oil circuit should be cleaned.

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