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Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
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1) servicing

1. first remove the wire rope from the drum, then the oil outlet is aligned, then the original cover is removed, and the pipe is screwed up to discharge the oil.
2. the winch will stand up and remove the metal pipe and hose connecting the liquid cylinder.
3. Remove four fixed bolts and nuts of the hydraulic motor, lift the motor, and remove the backing plate and the O ring.
4. Remove the pipe connector on the brake cylinder. Note that the brake cylinder oil inlet must not enter the stolen goods.
5. Remove bolts and 8 fixed side plates and 4 brake cylinders, and remove side plates.
6. Remove the one-way clutch and the internal and external friction plates from the upper part of the brake cylinder.
7. use two bolts to the brake cylinder, then use wire to hold down, and put forward the brake cylinder. Be careful not to damage the seal.
8. Remove the copper bushing and sealing ring of the brake cylinder
9. Take the first stage sun wheel from the primary planet frame
10. Pull out the primary planet frame from the ring
11. Draw two stages of the solar wheel from the two planetary frame
12. Take out the primary ring and connecting ring
13. Hook up the secondary planet carrier with wire and lift it up and remove the secondary gear ring.
14. if the roller bearing is not damaged, there is no need to remove it. The following is a cleaning inspection of the disassembled parts.


2) the disassembly step of the brake fluid cylinder
1. use special tools or presses, remove the clasp, remove the pallet and spring, and use rubber hammer to play the brake piston.
2. Clean the brake cylinder and check carefully whether there is scratch or wear in the cylinder surface.
3. Remove the discarded piston seals and retaining rings. Do not damage the piston grooves.
4. 12 reset springs should be measured one by one, the length should be not less than 36mm, otherwise they should be renewed.


3) the disassembly step of one way clutch
1. first unload the ring and the ring
2. Use a large piece of cloth to hold the one-way clutch and press the center fan wheel to prevent spring and roller from popping up.
3. check whether the driving wheel and roller have serious wear. If they are often overloaded, they will cause wear. If the grinding marks are serious, they should be renewed. The length of the measuring spring should not be less than 22mm, otherwise it will be renewed.


4) the cleaning and inspection of the parts are determined
1. it is best to use cleaning agents to clean all parts, but pay attention to fire prevention, anti-virus safety.
2. carefully check all parts, such as general small problems, such as O circles, pins and other obvious damage, allowed to use again.
3. roller and bearing surface corrosion, discoloration, deformation or abnormal wear, should be renewed.
4. If the planet rack is damaged, deformed and seriously worn, it should be renewed.
5. Finally, check the upper shaft, roller and thrust washer on the planet carrier. The contact area of the installation position will directly affect the service life of the bearing and thrust washer.
6. if the operation of the winch is not long at the initial stage of operation, it will not be necessary to remove all the winches.


4) the assembly of the winch
The installation procedure of the winch can refer to the dismantling process, but there are several points to note.
1. All parts before assembly must be cleaned and kept in good condition.
2. 3 tons of internal friction pieces of 6 pieces, 7 pieces of external friction. The internal friction disc of 5 tons is 5 pieces, the outer friction piece is 6 pieces, the 1.5 ton internal friction piece is 8 pieces, the outer friction piece is 9 pieces. When the assembly is placed, the outer friction disc is placed first, then the internal and external friction plates are put in order. The last piece should be the outer friction disc.
3. Do not make a mistake in installing the one-way clutch. From the end of the motor, the spline shaft should be inserted counterclockwise when it is inserted into the clutch.
4. All seals, bearings and bushings should be lubricated when assembling.
5. when installing pipe joint and plugging, the sealing tape must be wound on the thread buckle, but special attention should be paid. Do not drop the tape into the oil pipe so as to avoid blocking the oil path.
6. when the hydraulic motor is installed, the motor shaft should be inserted into the clutch. After the correct position of the motor is determined, the motor is pulled out vertically and the two head screws are screwed up, and the motor is installed and fixed. Cleaning sequence valve oil road

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