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Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
Good quality Grooved Drum for sales
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When the control valve is in the open state, the hydraulic oil opens the one-way valve to drive the positive transmission of the hydraulic motor. It drives the primary sun wheel and the primary planet frame, and then the secondary planet rack is driven by the primary planet frame through the two stage sun wheel, and the secondary planet frame is finally transferred to the cylinder body. If the control valve stops the fuel supply and the weight has a downward trend, the two stage planetary frame reverses to the unidirectional clutch reversing, because the outer ring of the unidirectional clutch is connected with the friction plate, so it is stopped at this position.

When the control valve is in the opposite position, the pressure oil first enters the static brake cylinder and compresses the spring to disengage the internal friction disc. When the pressure rises to the open sequence valve, the hydraulic motor rotates counterclockwise, and the power is driven by the hydraulic motor through the two stage planetary deceleration to drive the cylinder body to reduce the weight. When the control valve is in the middle position, the oil supply is stopped, the hydraulic motor is stopped, the reset spring is pressed and the internal and external friction plates are pressed, and the hydraulic motor shaft is stopped by the unidirectional clutch, so that the weight is stopped in this position.


Installation and trial operation

1. the location and direction of the winch installation, allowing the center of the roller axis as the center, arbitrary location.
2. the tension direction of the winch wire rope is in the direction indicated by the picture. If it needs to be pulled in the shadow direction, it needs to be agreed with the manufacturer.
3. When installing the base plate, note: the number and specification of the fixed bolts must meet the requirements, and no small diameter bolts should be replaced.
4. the bottom plate of the winch must be fixed and reliable, and it should not be bent and deformed in use. After installation, the roughness should not be greater than 0.5mm, otherwise it will break.
5. After the winch is installed, the contact surface of the base should be horizontal and uniform.
6. to ensure the vertical axis of the winch drum is perpendicular to the vertical plane of the pulley, the angle between the roller middle line and the vertical plane of the pulley is not greater than 1.5 degrees.
7. before the official use, the pipeline connection, lubricating oil level, air hole and system pressure must be carefully examined. After normal operation, it will run for 2 minutes.
8. When the wire rope is hoisted, the wire rope must be wrapped around the drum for more than 5 cycles.


Operation method
1. The operation of the winch is very simple. The three positions of the handle of the control valve, respectively, control the three types of lifting, stopping and lowering of the winch.
2. when the weight needs to be slowed down, the opening of the control valve can be reduced.
3. When the overload is lifted, the brake will fall down, and the hydraulic motor can be properly controlled by the control valve.
4. The wire ropes on the roller must be arranged in order.
5. Attention should be paid to winches not designed for manned lifting. Heavy duty personnel are also prohibited from standing at work in order to ensure safety.


Maintenance and maintenance
1. we must check the lubricating oil level and add it in time. The oil level inspection hole, exhaust port, refueling and oil drain hole are in the rear of the winch. When the maintenance is done, the tail protection cover must be removed and the oil level checked. (unload the protective cover, unscrew the 1/8 "bolt" to check the oil level, add it when it is not enough, keep the exhaust hole clean, not be blocked or replace with solid bolts.


2. Regular exchange of oil
(1) the new winch should be replaced with new oil after one month
(2) new oil should be renewed every 1000 hours or half a year.
(3) 2.2 liters of refueling each time.
(4) 90W multipurpose EP grade gear oil is recommended for lubricants.


3. the order of changing oil: when changing the oil, the oil holes on the rollers are aligned to the oil drain holes, then the short pipes or tubing on the threads are screwed off, and then the plugs are removed. When refueling, transfer the hole to the position of the refueling hole, screw up the elbow with the thread and then refuel.


4. found that the winch leakage, to check and repair in time, pay special attention to whether all kinds of seals are damaged.


5. often remove the oil sludge on the winch, can greatly extend the service life of the winch.


6. the winch should not be collided during installation, dismantling and handling. The joints of the hydraulic pipe must be kept clean and no dirt should enter.


7. the oil pipes on winches, especially metal pipelines, are not allowed to be squashed and other defects, so as to avoid the reduction of oil supply pressure.

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